What is TAKE POINT NOW about?

TAKE POINT NOW is an imperative, a call to action. It’s a command. It is our effort to inspire our fellow veterans to take back their awesome, extraordinary lives by setting a new world records on jet skis, including crossing the Atlantic Ocean in record time. It began as an idea P.K. Ewing had while struggling to recover from his injuries, and has grown to impact the lives of many people.

Our mission is not simply to break records. We have built one of the first jet skis to be operated by a one-handed rider. We are currently working on our second prototype which will be for individuals that have one or two leg amputations, or are paralyzed. We are sounding a call to other veterans and members of our society who may feel isolated and are seeking objective driven, team-oriented experiences.

We are a small team of Marines and friends who rallied around P.K. Ewing and helped him recover from the injuries and depression that resulted from his military and OIF service. Using our experience and training, we aim to achieve these goals:

1. To inspire veterans, and their community, to re-enter the team dynamic and take on meaningful challenges.

2. Develop adaptive gear for disabled veterans and their civilian friends to regain a sense of self and community on the water. 

3. Break Guinness World Records on personal watercraft (PWC) including crossing the Atlantic Ocean in record time. 



To officially break the record as maintained by Guinness World Records, we have to meet strict guidelines. Except for long-range fuel tanks, navigation and safety gear, the jet ski that P.K. will ride must be stock. We will have a support boat following him to provide safety, fuel, food and emergency support during the voyage. The support boat cannot assist or advance the journey in any other way. P.K. cannot be pushed or towed by the support boat at any time.

You or your company can help support the world record breaking rides by visiting our HOW TO SPONSOR page. You can also make a charitable donation to the Semper Fi Fund and other veteran’s causes that join TAKE POINT NOW.

We will be conducting several TPN Missions, visiting locations along the eastern seaboard and around the nation. Contact us about hosting a fundraising celebrations along the way.  And look for updates on this website and through other media sources.


The TAKE POINT NOW team wants you to join the journey. Remember your extraordinary life! Get inspired, build a team together and achieve something great!

Be bold and ambitious in your selection -- be it hiking the Appalachian Trail, completing an Ironman challenge, forming a band, or writing a book -- because YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Find your team. Find others from your old unit, call up a brother or sister. Talk to your spouse…make contact with veteran family members, or go to the VFW or American Legion posts. Once your objective is set and you have a few buddies helping you, go out and get it.

In our military service we did amazing and bold things. We were able to achieve great things through our teamwork. Find your dream. Find your team. Then go get it.

You will remember how great you can be when you’re working together. You’ll awaken that sense of leading others in a common goal and being part of something greater than yourself, and will inspire others to find and conquer their own challenge. TAKE POINT…NOW!