Adventure of Communications

Practicing with the radios. Trying to figure out how the guys can take their hands off the throttle /handle bars long enough to use the radio to talk to the other rider and the driver sitting in the truck. And where's the best location for the communications equipment in an emergency.

You Need a Team

The Marines talk about how everyone needs a team. We all do better with someone watching our back wether it's in sports, in the military, out having a good time, and in all of life.

Operation: Gear Box

We decided to put on two gear boxes to keep all the wet gear away from all the electronics we need to bring for long car/jet ski rides. There's a huge space at the front of the trailer so the guys will be installing the first of the boxes.

Inspiring Veterans to Greatness

The guys talk about the amazing things veterans achieve during their years of service and how that SHOULD continue once they've returned to civilian life. The best thing to do is find a new team, a new family, so you can recapture the feelings you had and self of camaraderie. Don't ever let yourself fall into being alone and lost.

The Collision

Apparently, if you're driving a racing jet ski at a high speed out in the open water . .  you can still accidentally crash into your wing man . . lesson learned. No more rear view mirror.

Where's My Keys?

The jet skis got successfully into the water . . . then they realized they didn't have the keys. The guys prove that being out with your buddies and having fun is the best thing in the world.

Where's My Keys

The New Jet Ski

The guys are went out for the first time with the new Kawasaki jet ski. It's getting cold. The wet suits are gonna be put to the test  . . . as well as the endurance of the Marines.