1. What is TAKE POINT NOW about?

         PK at Walter Reed National MilitaryMedical Center

         PK at Walter Reed National MilitaryMedical Center

TAKE POINT NOW began as P.K.'s dream to set a world record and inspire his fellow veterans to strive for greatness. When P.K. was recovering from his injuries and surgeries, he was inspired by the veterans he encountered at Walter Reed Hospital, most of whom were severely wounded or injured. In spite of their loss and pain, many were striving to achieve ambitious goals for themselves. Some were relearning how to walk on prosthetics while others were learning how to run on them in anticipation of completing a 5K or a marathon once they recovered. P.K. decided he would reach for the same sort of greatness and attempt to set a world record on a jet ski. That simple idea grew to include his closest friends and has evolved include an effort to make the thrill of personal watercraft accessible to all veterans.

2. What are TAKE POINT NOW's goals?

#1 Break Guinness World Records on personal watercraft (PWC) including crossing the Atlantic Ocean in record time. 

#2 Advocate for the development of adaptive gear for injured and disabled veterans to regain a sense of self and community on the water. 

#3 To inspire veterans, and their loved ones, to take back their extraordinary lives and achieve something GREAT!

3. Why jet skis (PWCs)?

P.K.'s injuries were to his neck and back and consequently he is unable to engage in many of the activities he used to enjoy. Riding a jet ski responsibly proved to be a godsend that he could free enjoy without worrying about exacerbating his injuries. Personal watercraft provide freedom and excitement while the PWC community provides fellowship and new friends. Everyone is equal on the water. P.K. realized that this environment could be as healing and therapeutic for other veterans as it is for him. 

4. Why try to set a world record? 

The world record quest began as a long term goal P.K. could focus on while he recovered his mobility. It was inspired by similar goals held by other veterans. In short, it's inspiring. It inspired P.K., his family and his friends while it was still only an idea. The journey that has resulted from this idea is inspiring to all veterans and civilians alike. It is grand as chasing greatness and as American as the pursuit of happiness. It is the manifestation of the warrior spirit all veterans carry. By chasing the world record for longest team PWC ride we demonstrate what a team of veterans can accomplish. By chasing the world record for crossing the Atlantic on a PWC, P.K. demonstrates what a disabled veteran can still accomplish.

5. Is TAKE POINT NOW a non-profit?

Not Yet. As of this writing, we are filing for 501 (c)3 status. As soon as we achieve 501 (c)3 status we will announce it via social media and our web page.

6. Who is sponsoring TAKE POINT NOW?

We are actively seeking sponsorship from corporations, organizations and individuals. Association with TAKE POINT NOW can provide several benefits to our sponsors and enables us to fulfill our mission. The TAKE POINT NOW team holds values that anyone can support and respect.


A dynamic and fulfilling lifestyle.

Camaraderie and loyalty among all veterans.

Community and fellowship between veterans and all Americans.

We have several levels of sponsorship and we can craft our relationships to maximize our sponsor's benefit. Contact us at info@takepointnow.com for more information.

7. Where is TAKE POINT NOW based?

Our team operates on the east coast. We are primarily in the  Washington DC area from the Chesapeake Bay, to Annapolis, Delaware, and up to New York and Long Island. We utilize several marinas for launch & recovery.

8. How can I help or get involved?

There are lots of ways you or your organization can help us and participate in our journey. CONTACT US! SPONSOR US! Contact us at info@takepointnow.com for more information. Go to the "SUPPORT US" page and follow the links to help fund our effort. Help us find sponsors. Help us hold fundraisers. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter and other social media! Comment on our videos and blog. Come out and ride with us. Contact us about ideas for videos. Help us develop our navigational and seamanship skills. SPONSOR US! There are an infinite number of ways you can get involved! Did I mention that you can SPONSOR US?