Erika is having a wonderful time traveling with Take Point Now and getting to see much of our amazing East Coast. She enjoys the quality time on the water training, learning and acquiring the physical endurance needed to get through long weekends. 

She's a long time soccer player and has since turned her attention to Muay Thai Kickboxing. She loves pushing herself to the limits and the combination of frenetic energy and sense of calm that comes with kickboxing training. It's not dissimilar from the physical punishment of long, harsh jet ski rides and the beautiful, serene moments of calm we get to see while out on the open water. 

In her spare time, Erika is a freelance writer and filmmaker. She's spent the last few years screenwriting and producing for a film collective in Arlington, VA doing veterans projects, short surreal science fiction pieces, commercials, and absurdist comedies. She enjoys working as a script editor and doctor. Her storytelling ability and many years of hard work play out well when crafting original stories and new characters. She loves the development aspect of creating new works. 

She's had numerous films in festivals from New York to Los Angeles. She is currently developing a science fiction graphic novel series and plans to continue writing children's books. She wrote and directed her first play early in high school and worked non stop in music and theatre all the way through college. She continued writing and directing in a Masters program in San Francisco and has worked non stop since then. 

She trained for many years as a musician in everything from jazz bands and orchestras to marching bands, rock bands, and pep bands.  She spent much of high school as the section leader of the drum line and occasionally wrote music for the line in pep band. And she tried to hold no will against her friends when, every holiday season, they would change the name of the song to "Little Drummer Girl."

She has lived on both coasts, in the North, the South, and Midwest and loves traveling wherever the wind takes her. And getting to meet veterans and their families and communities all across our great country is something she will always be thankful for. She loves getting to engage some of America’s amazing veterans as they aspire to greatness and inspire others on their own journey.

She also likes jumping head first into any situation that arrises. On a training ride with Greg she jumped willy nilly into the ocean, in 25 degree temperatures, to check if her drysuit was actually as watertight as it claimed . . . .  It wasn't.

But that won't stop her from going on all of the teams crazy road trips and traveling on land and in water to strange destinations. Flat tires, burning engines, and tight deadlines are all par for the course.