Megan left high school a year early, with her parents permission, to enlist in the Marine Corps and she has never regretted it. Her favorite thing about the Marine Corps was that every day there was a sense of purpose and feeling that she was doing her part, however small, to help serve the country. There is something incredibly fulfilling about working as a team to accomplish a common mission. She was an avionics technician and a marksmanship coach and owes all her success to the lessons she learned from the Marine Corps.

She did tours of duty in support of both OIF and OEF and traveled to many other countries overseas as well as traveling across our own country when stateside. After returning from Iraq in 2005 she immediately bought a jet ski. She had always dreamed of getting one for herself as some of her favorite memories were when she and her squadron would take skis out for some much needed R&R. They would go out even in winter (just like TPN!) and she even has a chipped tooth due to a daredevil stunt.

Megan is a total sucker for special needs animals. If it were not for city ordinances and square footage limitations she would have dozens of dogs, cats, and other furry creatures. When not playing with them she is skiing, SCUBA diving, running half and full marathons, and attending marksmanship competitions.

After leaving the Corps she jumped straight into a traditional college where she was able to find several veterans going through the same thing as her- adjusting to school, getting VA benefits, etc. Having a support system helped tremendously with alleviating feelings of isolation and frustration. They all used each other to help find a purpose and place for themselves in the civilian world.

Take Point Now’s mission to adapt jet skis for wounded warriors was the first thing about the team that caught her attention. The ability to combine the therapeutic power of being on the water, with a powerful engine, poses an incredible opportunity for veterans who are healing from physical and/or emotional battle wounds. 

And then she heard about Take Point Now’s mission to use jet skis to break world records. Her initial thought was: challenge accepted! Inspiring other veterans is admirable and Megan wants to be in the middle of the team that is going to have an affect on so many lives. Veterans will love seeing the team environment we have fostered and will be ignited by their own dreams to go out and do something amazing.