Good Morning Washington!

PK was on Good Morning Washington! Check out the interview here.

We are proud and honored to be able to spread the word about what we are doing for veterans. As we continue on this journey, we hope people will continue contacting us with their great stories and will come out and meet us when we pass by.

Watch the interview here!

Learning the Art of the Interview

Our team leader, PK Ewing, is mentioned in the New York Times! PK and Erika attended the National Speakers Association's Media Lab in NYC and made some fabulous friends.

Take Point Now is mentioned in the article along with many other amazing organizations. Take a look at the article HERE.

All News 99.1 Radio Interview

WNEW reporter John Domen wrote up his story on PK and Take Point Now and it aired all during the morning of Veteran's Day Nov. 11, 2014.

You can check out the CBS DC All News web version of the story by John Domen RIGHT HERE.

Below, you can hear all four audio clips . . .

WNEW All News Interview

PK and Erika met WNEW reporter John Domen for an interview on Take Point Now.

PK went through his combat experiences in Iraq, his long and continued recovering in and out of Water Reed Medical Center, his reason for creating team Take Point Now, and the extraordinary things the team is doing.

Insights and Access

Insights and Access B.jpg


PK and Erika went to Insights and Access TV in Arlington, VA to tape three spots for public access TV. 

They had a wonderful time with the talent and crew. Huge thanks to the producers, camera operators, and crew for making the experience fun and successful!

Check back soon. We'll give updates when the programs air.

Personal Watercraft Industry Association


The PWIA tweeted about one of our safety videos! The Personal Watercraft Industry Association represents personal watercraft manufacturers and promotes safe and responsible riding.

We're grateful for the tweet as we are also staunchly supportive of safe riding. 

Keep yourself safe. Keep your friends and family safe. Keep your water vehicle safe. Have a wonderful time!

Here is the VIDEO they are referencing. PK gives a quick description of why it's important to air out your jet ski and boat engine. Also, he mentions the purpose of the "engine kill" lanyard and why it's imperative to have it attached to the driver.