Take Point Now

TAKE POINT NOW has truly gotten underway. Here's the team, Greg Raney, Erika Christie, John Pignone, and John Kilby. More people will join and all are welcome. So what is TAKE POINT NOW? It's an imperative, a call to action. It's a command. It is our effort to inspire our fellow veterans to take back their awesome, extraordinary lives by setting a new world record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a jet ski.

From August 2004-March 2005, our team (Maj. Ewing, SSgt. Kilby, Sgt. Raney, Sgt. Pignone, and LCpl. Dixon) deployed to Ramadi, Iraq. During that time we experienced both physical and mental stressors and challenges. Ten years later, the team is focused on a new objective: breaking the Guinness World Record for crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a personal water craft (PWC) or jet ski.

The intent of this mission is not simply to break a record and raise money, although we are going to do plenty of both. The intent is to sound a call that reaches other veterans who may feel isolated and depressed and are lacking the objective driven, team oriented experience that identified their lifestyle during their service.

The message TAKE POINT NOW is sending to veterans is: YOU ARE EXTRAORDINARY! Remember that. No matter what you have been through, you are a veteran and you have lived an incredible adventure. DON'T STOP NOW! Get out and continue your extraordinary life. Find your dream and make it come true.

Be bold and ambitious in your selection, be it hiking the Appalachian Trail, completing an Iron Man, forming a band, or writing a book, because YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Find or found your team. Find other guys or gals in your old unit, call up a brother or sister. Talk to your spouse...make contact with veteran family members, or go to the VFW or American Legion Posts. Find your team...

Once your objective is set and you have a few buddies helping you, go out and get it.

In our military service we did amazing and bold things. We were able to achieve great things through our teamwork. Find your dream. Find your team. Then go get it. You'll remember how great you can be when you're working together.

By doing this, you will awaken that sense of leading others in a common goal and being part of something greater than yourself and will inspire others to find and conquer their own challenge. TAKE POINT...NOW!