Operation Sea Lion

Operation Sea Lion is our first long distance ride. We're aiming for about 300 miles. Our ultimate goal is to cross the Atlantic fast enough to break Álvaro De Marichalar's record set in 2002. In order to do that we have to gain the same level of  PWC experience that a professional PWC racer has and we have to gain that experience in a matter of weeks.

Operation Sea Lion will  give us a lot of information that we will use later in our record attempt. First, we'll learn what our fuel consumption rates are for different speeds in different sea states. 

Second, we'll test our equipment load-out. Packing gear for a 300 mile ride means finding a balance between what is essential and useful and what's superfluous and just nice to have. Third, we'll have the opportunity to see how our communications and operating procedures work. Little things like knowing how long a radio's batteries will last may seem trivial but can be crucial out in the open ocean. Finally, there is learning what the toll on our bodies will be. This would a challenge for a healthy young person but I have a fused neck, herniated discs in my back, a repaired shoulder and a few other challenges. Plus, I'm almost 44 years old. I need to know how to prepare physically. What to wear, what to eat, how to train, all of it. So today, we got together at my apartment  and began the planning process. On Saturday we're going to roll outto Virginia Beach and then to the Eastern Shore of Maryland to scout out marinas and refueling points for this journey. We will be refueling from a support boat during the actual record attempt but for these practice runs we'll use marinas for fueling stops. Greg's had the navigation software out tonight and he had been fighting with it for the last two days. He claims that you only have to be 10% smarter than your equipment to make it work. Looks like he at least has that going for him. Tomorrow, our Kawasaki jet ski should be ready to be picked up from the body shop. Erika will accompany me and maybe we'll get the crew at Top Gun Collision to say something on video. Then pack up the truck and get ready for an early start on Saturday. Take Point people, take point now.