Ice is in . . Riding's Out

So to prepare for our rides, we wear layers consisting of a warm base layer and a neoprene wetsuit. Then a shell layer of Gore-Tex or polartec material. We really only get soaked when launching and recovering the craft as that's when we're completely immersed in the water. The real killer is the wind. 20 degree air blowing over you at  50 mph is going to chill you whether your dry or not. 

Since the weather and the cold isn't going to deter us, we had a plan ready to go. Unfortunately there was something that we could not overcome. Ice. Now while the open ocean isn't frozen, a good portion of the Potomac River and all of the marinas we intended to use were completely frozen over. We can't crack the ice or maneuver through ice. Not that we don't want to, but the skis aren't heavy enough to crack the ice and push it out of the way. So we put that time to really good use and went into strategy developing mode instead. 

We're going to rework the schedule and the timeframe for the upcoming operations. Details will come out later this week. We want to bring you along on this adventure and create a way for you to experience the power of inspiration and camaraderie. Every operation we do will become an event and you're all invited. Stay tuned.