Lowes Helps Out a Veteran



Now this is an up lifiting story for me. Michael Sulsona, a Vietnam veteran, is going through Lowes Home Improvment store in Staten Island NY in his broken down VA wheel chair (I will hold my comments about why this veteran is having to repair and maintain this busted up wheel chair instead of being given a new one). The wheel chair breaks and 3 Lowes employees spring to action. The Lowes emplyees repair Mr Sulsona wheel chair and see to it that he has a reliable means of mobility.

This article speakes to me on 2 levels. First, My admiration goes out to Mr. Sulsona for continuing on with his life after his injuries. He has found ways around the challenges that are presented to him and I admire his never quit attitude. Second, I love that these guys at Lowes saw a problem and knew that they had every concivable tool and piece of hardware they would need to fix this busted wheel chair and set to work on it.

The people at Lowes, especially the fellows that put Mr. Sulsona wheel chair back together,  have recieved praise from the internet crowd and I would like to throw my thanks their way as well. Thank you for looking out for a fellow veteran.

Click to read the article - - - -> http://www.silive.com/northshore/index.ssf/2014/07/good_news_lowes_employees_come.html