We are a team of veterans that ride jet skis to raise awareness for the challenges veterans face today and inspire veterans to remember their greatness by re-entering the team dynamic that characterized their service.



It’s our effort to inspire our fellow veterans to take back their extraordinary lives. We want our epic adventure to compel others to do the same. We are out to set world records on jet skis, including crossing the Atlantic Ocean in record time. We are also advocating for the design of adaptive gear that allows injured and wounded veterans to get onto water craft and join the warm and welcoming boating community. We are doing this to raise awareness for the challenges veterans face today and inspire them to join their community, create a team, and chase their own dreams.  




Our team of Marines and friends came together when we rallied around P.K. Ewing to help him recover from injuries and depression that resulted from his military service in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We formed a team around P.K., on a mission to lift him up, and now as a team we are going to use our experience and training to break personal watercraft (PWC) world records.


We want to show the world that veterans, even disabled, can do anything they set their minds to

-- that we’re still in the fight.


Our path led us to the open ocean and now our challenge lies on the sea. Being on deep water and under an open sky on jet skis gives us the opportunity to face challenges and danger as a team. We face insurmountable obstacles while leaning on each other- like we did in Iraq. The difference is that we now we have the chance to inspire others, as well as ourselves.