As an active duty army psychiatrist, Roger has been able to work with people in tough environments in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan. He was part of a medical outreach team that went to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. And he also taught resiliency to Mexican Marines in Mexico City. These experiences have allowed him to put a human face of these countries, and their people, to the American military and its citizens. 

Roger comes from a family of immigrants and is the first person in his family born in America. His family looked at him going into the military as a responsibility and duty since this country took his family in and gave his parents citizenship. His military time has been predominately in the DC area and in such places such as Walter Reed, Fort Meade, and Fort Belvoir. Roger likes the camaraderie and sense of teamwork that the military fosters.

Roger’s first run in with Take Point Now’s team leader, PK Ewing, happened shortly after an Army-Navy football game in which Army won. In Roger’s desire to be a comedian, he made fun of PK’s wearing of a Navy baseball hat. PK, the Naval Academy grad, had the last laugh in the fact that Army has rarely won a game since.

Roger loves running, working out, and going to concerts. He also likes jet skis and sees Take Point Now as a great way to help veterans in an active way. World records are made to be broken. They also make people strive to do better day after day. This is what Roger is after.

Roger would love veterans to remember their roots when transitioning to civilian life. He will be covering many topics in Take Point Now’s blog though most topics will be centered around improving oneself such as through sleep, diet, and exercise, which all lead up to building a championship mindset.