Taking All From One Who Gave All

I recently saw this story and sadly, I wasn't surprised at all. This is the Veteran's Administration we are talking about. This is the organization that blatantly betrayed its mandate to serve the needs of those who served the needs of the the nation. The VA is bloated, mismanaged and corrupt.  While this can be said of any bureaucracy, the VA is an entity that should and must stand apart because of the moral imperative of its mission. To serve those who have served the nation. In this it is an unmitigated failure. When dealing with the aftermath or wounds and injury suffered while on duty, a gentle and understanding touch is what is needed. A comradely reminder that the veteran and her or his family, are not alone in their time of struggle. The very last thing they need to feel is the harsh and cold dismissal of bureaucratic system seeking efficiency at the expense of those it serves.