Adaptive Gear for Disabled Veterans

Calvin Smith, Marine Corps Veteran, served his country for 10 years through multiple, dangerous, deployments. Through injuries, rehabilitations, and a motorcycle accident, he has been left in a wheelchair. As he says "before I met all the guys at Paralyzed Veterans of America I wasn't going out too much." 

But, Mr. Smith had the courage to pursue an organization that was willing and able to help him with prosthetics which have changed his entire outlook on life. He is not only able to get out onto the range and join his friends and fellow veterans, but the guidance, camaraderie, and self esteem boost the entire experience has given him has changed his entire life around.



Huge applause goes to Mr. Smith for never giving up and having the will power to go seek the help he needed, and  huge thanks also goes to Paralyzed Veterans of America for being an amazing organization that is changing lives of people all across our great country.


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